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Stacey Alcorn

Episode 7: Be Careful of the Stories You Tell Yourself, with Stacey Alcorn

Stacey Alcorn is an entrepreneur, author, business owner, attorney, blogger, and mom. Stacey’s keynotes, blogs, and radio show continue to offer a compelling message about defining and achieving your dreams.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Stacey’s entrepreneurial journey coming from nothing, amassing wealth, losing it all, and what she’s done differently since then
  • How Stacey has gotten past the naysayers in her family
  • Stacey’s story of getting into real estate by flipping 20 properties while in college
  • Stacey’s book “Reach” and helping an audience who feels helplessness
  • How Stacey created an army of people who have helped her achieve her dreams
  • Lessons that Stacey has learned from being a mom
  • Stacey’s other business, Little Black Box, a subscription business for jewelry and accessories
  • Why Stacey signed up for law school on her 30th birthday and why achieving that bucket list goal made her rethink her entire list
  • Stacey’s life-changing experience volunteering in an orphanage in Haiti and why she wants to spend time making the world a better place
  • Stacey’s regimented schedule and what she needs to accomplish to win the day
  • Stacey’s system for saving money that she doesn’t touch
  • The vision board that Stacey uses

Ways to contact Stacey:


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