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Episode 12: My Career is a Piece of Who I Am, with Dr. Marcie Beigel

Dr. Marcie Beigel has redesigned behavior for professionals, families, schools, and businesses for close to 20 years. Her specialty is engaging with behaviors directly and giving clear and insightful directives to clients who are oftentimes business owners looking for balance at home to help create balance at work or new approaches to become better leaders. Her approach is heartfelt, but filled with tough love. You can get her weekly behavior newsletter at BehaviorAndBeyond.net. Dr. Marcie is also featured on NBCs Parenting Toolkit. Her upcoming book, “Love Your Classroom Again,” is filled with actionable strategies to manage behavior, is out this fall.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Dr. Marcie’s new book, “Love Your Classroom Again”
  • Craniosacral therapy and other things that she does for fun
  • Where Dr. Marcie’s desire to get into behavior analysis and special education came from
  • What she learned through her own challenges as a student
  • What Dr. Marcie does in her private practice where she comes into the homes of the families she serves
  • The four categories that all behavior problems fall into
  • How Dr. Marcie works with businesses on behavior
  • How she divvies up her time between families, schools, and businesses
  • Dr. Marcie’s life growing up and her first memory around money
  • The times when Dr. Marcie’s clientele vanished and how she battled through those tough times
  • The three most defining moments in her life
  • Why Dr. Marcie can’t see retirement in her future
  • Why she wants her financial future to be better than she could ever dream
  • Using what she knows from her career in her personal life
  • The relationship between Dr. Marcie and her mom
  • Why she delegates investing to her dad

Ways to contact Dr. Marcie:


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